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The Book Group meets monthly.

EVENT: "War Child" at Hart House

Tuesday, November 3, 2009: 6.30 pm
Where: Library, Cost: FREE

Emmanuel Jal's remarkable story from child soldier to hip-hop messenger of peace. “Left home at the age of seven/one year later I'm carryin' an Ak-47." For hip hop artist Emmanuel Jal, a former child soldier in Sudan's brutal civil war, these lyrics are hardly empty posturing. They are the bitter reality of a young man who was "forced to sin" but determined to "never give up and never give in." Today, wounded but still hopeful, he fights a new battle: bringing peace to his beloved Sudan and building schools in Africa. This time, his weapon is a microphone. See why audiences from New York to Berlin to London rave about the award-winning film, War Child, and have embraced the hip-hop artist with a terrifying past and a gentle soul. Interspersing original interviews, live concerts, and rare footage of Jal as a seven year-old boy, War Child will make viewers cry, laugh, dance, and celebrate the power of hope.

BROADCAST: Discovering Ardipithecus Program

The Atheist Media Blog (see link in the right column) has posted the Discovery Channel program"Discovering Adripithecus" on their media blog. You can watch the whole thing in 9 minute segments (and it's available in Canada, not blocked)

EVENT: HAT monthly meeting with Gar Mahood

Date: Saturday Nov. 14, 1:30-3pm
Gar Mahood, Non-Smokers' Rights
OISE, OISE, 252 Bloor St. West, Room 8-214

Gar Mahood is the Executive Director of the Non-Smokers Rights Association. The NSRA has as its mission to promote public health by eliminating illness and death caused by tobacco, including second-hand smoke. The NSRA is known in Canada and worldwide for its effective health advocacy. It has been the force behind several world initiatives involving both environmental tobacco smoke and preventing Canadian kids from becoming future statistics of the tobacco epidemic. Gar will look at current issues and health care cost recovery. As always, these events are FREE and open to all.

Contest: 6 days left for Darwin Now Competition

Don't forget to enter the Darwin Now competition at New Scientist. All you have to do is tell us in no more than 50 words what selection pressure imposed by humans will produce in the animals of the future. The prize is attendance at the "Origin Day" celebrations in London on 24 November, with travel from anywhere in the world plus luxury hotel accommodation. The competition closes on 19 October.

Events: Quirks and Quarks: Free program Oct 15

The 10 Biggest Unanswered Questions in the Universe: a Quirks Public Event

In conjunction with the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Bob McDonald will be hosting a panel with 10 of the world's most prominent physicists. They'll each be presenting their nomination for the 10 Biggest Unanswered Questions in the Universe. Then we'll ask the members of the studio audience to vote on which one they think is the most important for physicists to solve.

If you want to be part of that audience, we'll be at Glenn Gould Studio, here at the CBC Broadcasting Centre in Toronto, Thursday morning, Oct. 15, at 11am. No tickets are required, but come early if you want to get a seat. And if you can't be there, don't worry - we'll be broadcasting the event later in the season on Quirks & Quarks.
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The Humanist Forum meets Saturday morning 11am-1pm.
The Monthly Meeting, is usually the second Saturday at 1:30pm; specifics should be found on this blog.
The Steering Committee meets the first Wednesday of each month, at 7pm.
The Book Group usually meets on the first Saturday afternoon of the month.